Duece Carter, Martial Arts Instructor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near Asheville

Duece Carter

Shortly after getting into boxing through YouTube highlights, Duece decided that he really wanted to pick boxing up as a hobby. Working part time at a local dollar store he saved up and bought a bag to teach himself how to box. Digging through YouTube tutorials and fighter highlights he stumbled over then kickboxer, Israel Adesanya. His swagger and technique made Duece want to live out a life long dream of becoming an MMA fighter. He decided to move from Delaware to Asheville, NC to train at Rogue Combat Club with a friend from college.
Now being at Rogue Combat Club for almost 2 years, with 1 fight under his belt he’s grown to be a great addition to the gym. Asking questions on the tiny details and technique of everything, he’ll continue to grow and pass on information as a Fighter and Assistant Muay Thai coach.

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