5 Reasons to Start Training BJJ Now.

5 Reasons to Start Training BJJ Now.

5 Reasons To Start Training BJJ Now!

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So you’re tired of being tired, out of shape, and overweight? You’re stressed to the max with work, finances, and feeling lost or alone in day to day life? You’re in a brain fog with the monotony of your day to day same old same old? And I’m assuming you want a way to fix all of that, right? 


We’ll.... we have you covered! And it’s a very simple fix. Ready!?


Start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).


Yep. It’s really that simple. I’m dead serious. It does everything you need!  Here’s why.


You’re going to look better. 


You’re going to get a great workout. BJJ pushes both strength and cardio! So whether you’re a couch potato, or are already in good shape, BJJ will improve your strength and conditioning. Best part is, no boring treadmills, monotonous workouts, or gym bro's asking how much you bench. And you don’t have to be in great shape to start!

Oh, and the best part? You’re going to look better naked!


You’re going to feel better. 


You’re leaner, you’re in better shape, your energy is up, and as a result so is your self confidence. Your friends and family starts to take notice even. Plus the mat is therapy!!! All your stress goes away as you drill, roll, and sweat with your new gym tribe. 


You’re going to learn something new. 


If you’re always hungry to learn something new, or love mental challenges, BJJ is for you. Grappling is just as mentally beneficial, as it is physically. Plus everything you learn is applicable in competition, or in self defense. Plus you can do this until your 80!!!


You’re going to have fun.  


Even with the bumps, bruises and frustrations, you will quickly fall in love with Jiu jitsu. When you have to miss a week for family vacation you will google “BJJ in (vacation destination).” You’re going to wonder how you lived without it before. 


You’re going to be part of a tribe. 


Let’s face it, being a hermit sucks. Going out to the bar to drink with strangers sucks too. Even as a martial art, BJJ has a way to build a bond outsiders will never get. Those who sweat together, smile together. The bond of like minded people, working, sweating, and learning together is like no other. If you’ve ever played on a team before, you’ll understand. 


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has so many great things about it, I could write all day. BJJ is for everyone. No matter you age, fitness level, or goals, BJJ has amazing benefits for everyone. It will get you in the best shape of your life, reduce stress, and it simply makes you a better person... especially when you're naked. 😉

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