40 is the new 80?!?!?

40 is the new 80?!?!?

It seems every beauty and health magazine is telling you 30 is the new 20 or 40 is the new 30, but fitness magazines are acting like 40 is the new 80. (Stole this from Jim Wendler.) 

But it’s right! People constantly are looking for reasons (read as excuses) to be lazy. They think they hit this magic number and society says it’s time to hang up the hard training for yoga and aquatic classes.  

Granted you’re not the young, bulletproof self from your early 20s. Drinking til 5am then getting up and working construction all day before 10 rounds or hard training at night, but honestly… who wants to do that anymore?!

But!!!! You can train as hard as you can recover from. So no all-nighters and 10 rounds of hard rolling or bag work, but you can definitely still train BJJ and Muay Thai 2-3 nights a week. 

But I want to spend time with my family?

We get that too, but let’s be honest. You’re a way better person when you blow off the steam from work, daily stresses, and traffic. You know, that annoying Subaru in the left lane going 5 under? Yeah. That would get Mother Teresa to cuss… anyways… Training makes you a better parent, significant other, and human. Whether you’re 8 or 80. 

And last but not least, one of our members, Bonnie, fought and won her first Muay Thai fight AT 62 YEARS OLD!!!!!!! She’s competing in her first BJJ tournament this month! (May 25th 2019). 

So having rugrats, working full time, and a husband or wife is at home, doesn’t mean you’re dead. It means you have so much to live for! Stop using them as excuses and start using them as reasons to be the best version of yourself. Be a part of the fastest growing and best community in Asheville! 


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