Too Busy To Train

So you want to get in shape, kick punch or choke some stress away, but you have “adulting” responsibilities too right? Hanging out with family and friends, working around the house, being forced to eat your mother-in-law’s desert dry meatloaf and cold mash potatoes…. 

We get it. Life happens, but missing Muay Thai or BJJ makes you want to go quit your job, live in a van and abandon your family. While you WILL get more training time, you are going to miss some SERIOUS parts of balance in your file.

Here are a few tips to help you get those much needed training sessions in each week.

Set Goals

It’s super hard to get where you want to be, without knowing where you want to go. So, you have to set goals for the number of classes you are going to make each week. Whether it’s 2 classes, or 10, you have to set a number. Once you set these goals, we need to create that habit. MAKE training part of your schedule. You eat and shower every day right? Go to work and tuck your kids in? Good. Just pen class in however many times a week you need to be in the gym, and make it happen. If you are struggling to make it 1 time a week now, then 5 times a week probably isn’t going to work right now either. Set obtainable goals. 2 times a week is more than enough in the beginning. Once you have 2 down and easy to make, then consider adding more if you want, or find more time for your family and balance.

The new habit will take a little work, time, and planning. 

Plan Out Your Day/Week/Month

Start big, then go small. What do you HAVE to do this month? Meet with the dentist? Anniversary dinner? Work trip? 

Ok. So pen them in.

What about family time? Pen that in too. We will talk more about the “Perfect Day Formula” later, but quick and dirty, schedule time for your loved ones. Make it uncompromisable. You HAVE to go to work Monday through Friday 9-5. Then you HAVE to spend time with your wife, kids, family etc on Tuesday nights from 6-8. More on that later.

So pen in the must dos, work, events, etc. Then pen in your training times. They are no different than missing work now. They are HAVE to’s.

Getting Support From The Family

Remember how we talked about filling in time for the significant other and rugrats? Well that, is how you are going to get the love and support you need to come and sweat with your gym family. When your loved says you spend more time at the gym than with them, just remind them you’re spending a bunch of quality time with them now too. Hell, you can even get them to come train with you!!! We have a few couples training together, and they seem to be the happiest ones in the gym.

But if that doesn’t work, there is always the fallback plan of moving into the van and living behind the gym.

Train on Your Own Schedule

Sometimes life is more obnoxious than your undisciplined, screaming, snot bubble blowing, spoiled nieces and nephews. Your box makes you stay late for a project so he can look good, your in laws invite you over for a new, even drier meatloaf recipe, and your rugrats have their first ever band recital, and they have been practicing with the recorded all month, and your training is completely derailed…. What do you do?

The best option is setting up personal training. You did your time with the in-laws, you watched little Johnny push his buddy off the top row on stage, and you put the work in with your loved one. Time to book a 1-on-1 with you coach. 
Option two isn’t bad either. Hit the home workout. You don’t need much. A jump rope, a pair of running shoes, or even just a mirror. Get in a quick run, some shadow boxing, or drilling. Trust me, it’s better than nothing, plus it gets you out of the house a little.

Never Give Up

You can’t have good days without bad. So when you have a bad day, make the best of it, and get back in the routine as soon as you can. See you in the gym. 

Published By Johnny October 17, 2023

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