Top 5 Reasons to Train BJJ or Muay Thai when your New Years Resolution Fails

Its January 16th, you have fell off the wagon already. You quit the $10 a month gym, you’re not running anymore because it hurts, and you’re back to eating like a dumpster and you can’t even blame holiday left overs right? We get it.

Here are the 5 of the best reasons to train at Rogue this New Year

  1. It’s more fun than going to the gym

  2. Meet cool new people

  3. Stress reliever

  4. Confidence booster

  5. Great workout

Want to hear something crazy?At this time (January 16, 2020) we only have 4 active fighters in our gym!!!

Most of our members are just like you. They are in their 30s or 40s (a few in their 50s) Married with kids, good job with annoying coworkers and clients, a desire to get back in shape, while having fun, and getting that community and camaraderie back they had in high school.

Training is more fun than going to the gym


Let’s face it. Many of you guys have done this before (I know I have). New Year, New Me sales at the local gym, or the $10s a month place right? 

This year is gonna be different! 


January 1st comes around, you’re embarrassing yourself using the machines wrong, you feel like the meatheads are staring and laughing, but you push through! 

January 2nd comes around you reluctantly go in for more confusion, embarrassment, and with less motivation because you’re bored already.

14th rolls around, you’re sore, burnt out, bored to death and you’re never going back. 

That doesn’t happen with BJJ and Muay Thai. Every Class, every drill, every day is different. We have coaches and other members who WANT to be there, and they want YOU to be there.

Training helps you meet cool new people.


Remember those people we talked about helping you? Those were strangers before you came to class. You have officially met new people. YAAA!!!! The best part is, they are from all walks of life. You will have ER doctors, training with cops, training with recovering addicts, training with single moms, training with construction workers, and everything in between.

No more being forced to talk to Karen in the cubicle next to you, or Kyle flexing with this monster jersey on. And, no, we have no “Kyles” in the gym. They only pretend to be tough and only punch drywall, they don’t really train lol

You get to interact with real humans with similar interests and goals. The best part is, we want you to succeed more than you do! Plus there are a lot of hours outside of the gym you can hang out. We have a great group of women who hang out outside of the gym, and well as guys getting together.

Training is excellent stress relief.


Being forced to talk to Karen all day at work, then going home and dealing with Kyle driving like a lunatic in his jacked up, “overcompensation” truck, just to sit in the living room watching the news (which is all bad) and having no outlet for stress from Karen, Kyle, the bills you have to pay, making dinner, cleaning the house, oh and getting gum out of little Johnny’s hair. 

Well guess what?!?

At Rogue, you can punch and kick things and that’s ok.

You can try and strangle your training partner and we get excited when you do! (Well, as long as you let them go when they tap haha)

Martial arts is an amazing stress reliever. We have challenging, fun workouts whether it’s day one or you’re looking to be a world champion, great people to talk to, and it’s an amazing escape from the 9-5, white picket fence. 2.5 kids and 401k life. 

For 2 hours a week, you get to be a badass!

Training Boosts Confidence.


You are no longer the meek, pushover at work. 

You’re not worried about the hobo asking for change. 

You’re not embarrassed to put the bikini on or take your shirt off at the beach. 

You are the confident person you want to be.

It’s true. When you workout, learn amazing martial arts skills that you know work in real life, and a few of those holiday pounds have been punched, kicked and choked into submission, you carry yourself different. People will notice the difference in just a few weeks. After a few months, people won’t recognize the new, improved, leaner, confident person you have become.

Training is a great workout.


This is a no brainer. Look at the guys and gals in the cage. They are lean, mean (actually I’ve met a bunch. Most are really nice! haha) and in the best shape ever! Why? 

They train. A lot! But that is their job, but you can definitely reach similar results in 2 hours a week and as you get in better shape, lose more weight, and realize how amazing the community and environment is, you can make it to one more of our 30+ classes a week whether you’re a beginner, or ready to step into the cage.

We want this year to be the beginning of not the new you, but the REAL you. The in shape, strong, confident bad ass you know you are, and deserve to be. If you’re interested in being that person for you family, your kids, and yourself, hit us up for a free quick start class and we will see you in the gym soon.

Published By Johnny October 17, 2023

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